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About 15 years ago on the Eastern slopes of the Mount of Olives, Abu Ibrahim, the founder and owner of the Mount of Olives Hotel, planted over 300 olive trees on land he inherited from his Great Grandfather. The young trees have grown into a beautiful grove that produce high quality olive oil. Unfortunately though, a good harvest occurs only every other year. Many visitors have requested small samples of our oil for spiritual purposes. At the moment, we do not sell Mount of Olives oil but may soon market Bethlehem area oils instead which are available in abundant supply. Until that day arrives, we would like to take you on a cyber-tour of Gourmet Olive Stores around the world. If you love olives like we do, then we are certain you will enjoy taking a peek at some of the offerings available below:

Fusano California Valley Olive Company
All of our olives, except for the Kalamatas and Anchovy, are grown in the San Joaquin and Sacramento Valleys in California. Our olives are harvested by hand. The Sevillano variety olives are harvested in the autumn and fermented in brine (salt and water) for up to six months. We believe that this is the largest and best variety for brine-cured eating olives.
Adams Ranch - Garlic Stuffed Olives
At the Adams Ranch, they consider it their number one goal to provide a quality gourmet product that maintains the integrity of doing things in an all natural down home kind of way. As third generation olive growers, they are able to bring to your table products that not only exemplify all natural growing and curing, but products that taste great as well. Go ahead and browse around for a while. They can almost guarantee you'll find something that tickle your taste buds . . . . . . . If you don't, Then nothing will.
Long Meadow Ranch: Prato Lungo Olive Oil
An original "patent grant" property signed over by President Ulysses S. Grant to E.J. Church in 1872. Having been home to a variety of uses during its long history, Long Meadow Ranch continues to grow and prosper through careful restoration of the olive groves, new vineyard plantings, wine and olive oil making, Appaloosa horse breeding, organic vegetable gardens and egg-producing poultry flock.
De Luca-Felli
Italy - Since the time of ancient Rome, Trebula Mutusca (now Montleone Sabino) produced an olive oil so excellent to be sung Vergil in his Aeneid: "Una ingens Amiterna cohors priscique Quirites, (710) Ereti manus omnis oliviferaeque Mutuscae"
Empolio S.r.l.
Italy - Our factory is in Borgo d'Oneglia, little suburb of Imperia in Liguria (Italy), and comprises an old stone mill dated around 1750, that is still powered by the water of the adjoing river.
Epicurean's Delight Marinated Garlic & Olives
Olive lovers and garlic lovers, too, get the best of both worlds with Calamata olives combined with our original garlic and marinated in a unique blend of white wine, imported white wine, imported white wine vinegar and exotic spices. The essence of the Middle East.
Graber Olives
THE HISTORIC OLIVE HOUSE is home of world famous Graber Olives grown and produced by the Graber family since 1894. A rare delicacy has been created in Graber Olives: meaty, with a superb nutlike flavor. The natural full ripeness and flavor have been preserved by selecting and carefully processing only the fully tree-ripened fruit.
Australian Olive History
The history of olive farming in Australia dates back to the early 1800s. Olives were probably first planted in groves around 1805 in Parramatta near Sydney. Olives and olive oil have been traded among the civilizations throughout the world for centuries, so it seems probable that many of the ships arriving on our shores would have carried some olive trees for planting.
Italy - Olive groves owned by the estate and oil mill of the heirs of Prince Francesco Colonna, at the Masseria Bosco Pontoni, San Martino in Pensilis, Molise. The olives are manually harvested when not fully ripe and they are processed on the same day of harvest. The bottling is carried out by two women who fill, label and seal the bottles with lacquer seals to preserve the purity of the oil.
Santa Barbara Olive Company
Santa Barbara Olive Company is owned and operated by a six-generation Santa Barbara family. We offer the best olives, oils, dressings, salsas and sauces from the fields and orchards of California.

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