Mount of Olives Hotel - Jerusalem

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Directions From Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv

To Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives Hotel

From the airport, take Highway One east to Jerusalem. It is approx. a 50 minute drive. Upon arrival, follow the signs to the Old City. Go clockwise around the historic golden walls of Jerusalem from Damascus Gate to Lion's Gate. The incline of the Mount of Olives is just opposite Lion's Gate. Continue along the road a bit further until you reach the The Garden of Gethsemene . Look for the Church of All Nations, turn left and continue eastward & up. After a fairly steep climb, the twisting & narrow road will suddenly end in a "T". Turn right and drive about 15 meters. The hotel is located next to the Chapel of the Ascension.

If you do happen to get lost along the way, don't be shy to ask for directions. Below is a "quick & dirty" language survival guide:

Hebrew: "Afo Har Ha-Zayteem?"
Arabic: "Wayn Jebel Al-Zaytoun fi Alquds?"

If they start waiving their arms in all directions and shouting back a long explanation in an unfamiliar guttural language, then at that point you are on your own!

Just kidding!!! Find a telephone and call the hotel for help.

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